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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


You taste like short ribs on Carolina Honeys
meat sticky with desire waiting to be bitten
hard like vampires on bloodlust sucking off
sweet life from body to bare bones

I chew on your meat like gum
swallowing it even when I shouldn't be because
you belong inside of me and even your remains
are too good to waste

I lick your bare bones again and again
for your haunting taste and aftertaste
trying to suck your marrow
with as much tongue as I can give
like lovers who kiss for the first time
just so that I could last till my next lifetime when
you make love to my tongue again

I sink my teeth in you so deep till I feel you in my gut
casting butterflies to colour my instincts with
fleeting tastes of wonder in free abandon

I eat you so hard that I often lick my lips
and bite my tongue after we're done
just for another taste of you
desperate for another taste of you.


Finally folks - POET'S PASSPORT is in KL.

Good things come in pairs - not just commemorating Poet's Passport's first session in KL, we'll also be *sort of* soft-launching MINUT INIT's new swanky renovated gallery/studio!

Please spread the word around & bring your friends along! The theme this time is SOUL FOOD with the headline "Eat Your Heart Out!", so come on over with stories of spiritual nourishment and soul searching.

You can either sign up here or sign up during the event! Remember it's on Friday, 16th August 8pm WPT onwards.

Looking forward to seeing you all!