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Friday, March 8, 2013

Minut Init X Pearly Wong INFO

Pearly Wong's Designer Profile

Pearly started her fashion career in New York, where she studied fashion design in one of the top 5 fashion schools in the world at Fashion Institute Technology (FIT) in Manhattan, and later on went to start her label with a friend she met from school. The label was named Sara & Pearly, their names respectively, and they handmade everything from their loft in Brooklyn. They later went on to showcase in a fashion show a month prior to NY Spring 2011 fashion week.

In 2012, Pearly returned to her place of birth in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with ambition of starting her solo label and put Sara & Pearly on hold. Her first collection was featured on The Star in collaboration with Seethrough concept store's launch - Seethrough currently carriers her label. After her launch and debut collection here in Malaysia, Pearly attracted media's attention with buyers, customers and celebrities alike requesting for custom made pieces.

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Music : 2Storey Heart

After the disbanding of his former band, dreamingtosleep, George needed another outlet to release his thoughts, feelings and emotions. He picked up the acoustic guitar, put new words down on paper and wrote stripped down, honest, soul baring music. 

What started off as a couple of songs for a side project for bedroom jamming and the ears of good friends eventually turned into a collection of songs that forms his current performing setlist. With more than enough songs to record an album with, George decided that his music needed to be heard. 

In 2007, he finally broke out of his bedroom by playing at his first open mic event. Surprised by the great response he got to his 'friendster song' he decided that he was going to do more than just play to his friends. 

After taking a break for a few months, getting his heart broken and writing a few new tunes, in 2008, he hit the open mic scene like there was no tomorrow- playing at every doppelganger and cloth and clef gig for a few months straight. To audiences big or small, receptive or not, he just wanted people to hear what he had to say. 

Now with an EP in the works and a number of gigs lined up for him, things look like they are finally shaping up for 2storeyheart.

Performance Art : Jennifer Lai Fung Yen

Fung Yen is a dance teacher, choreographer and a passionate dancer.

In 2012, Fung Yen founded the movement philosophy dance education and coaching service. She had been dancing for almost all her life, she aim to provide a better understanding of dance technique and body adjustment.

She was a involve in the 2011 Short & Sweet Festival at KLPac and part of the Rivergrass Academy led by Miss Mew Chang Tsing.

Showcase : Clutch That Bag

Shaza Azooi will be displaying her clutches wich are all hand-painted by Shana Herself.

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Food : Kel's Bakery

Kelly has one belief which is happiness comes in the form of food. She quit her permanent job in 2012 after getting inspired by the quote "Life's short, Eat dessert first" written by Ernestine Ulmer. She moved on to pursue a career of becoming an aspiring cook in Berjaya University College in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, she had been given a chance to participate in events such as the gastronomical 'Save Our Seafood dinner' which was held by Berjaya University College, WWF Malaysia and Malaysia Nature Society. Her Objective now is to share her love and passion for food with everyone out there. Kelly bakes and cooks her food with only the best and healthy ingredients available.

Eat at ease and remember that life is short, Eat First!

Event Sponsor: IMAG

Minut Init X Pearly Wong

On the 6th of April, Minut Init Studio will be transformed into a fashion space with designer Pearly Wong's Installation Work in One Studio and the F/W 13 Collection Fashion Show in another. It will be a night of experiments with performance art, fashion, music and exploration of ideas where ART meets Fashion.

Night of Fashion x Art, at Minut Init

Art galleria Minut Init is known for being the place to be for all things artistic, be it pop, street, or abstract art, photography, animation, or even film. This time around, they’re bending their artistic side a couple more degrees, by transforming two of their studios into fashion platforms during a night where fashion meets art.

Malaysian fashion designer 
Pearly Wong, who has gained fair recognition abroad, will be showcasing her installation work in one of the studios, as well as her Fall/Winter '13 Collection in the second studio.

Making up the artistic element of an already magical night will be dancer and choreographer Fung Yen, who will be performing in one of Pearly's dresses from her collection. Musician George Wong of 2 Storey Heart will also join along in serenading the audience and setting the tone for the fashion show. It will no doubt be a night of experiments with performance art, fashion and music that you won't soon forget.

To be a part of this event, do drop by the Minut Init Studio Galleria on the 6th April 2013. Doors open from 7pm onwards. For more information about this event and more, do drop by Minut Init's official webpage.

Picture credits: Bryan LYT,  Movement Philosophy

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