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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Question and Answers

1.describe your gallery/artspace to us. tell us about your concept and perhaps future goals of the place

Minut init is a space where art is exhibited from paintings, sculptures, drawing/sketches/ photography arts, short films, music videos, animations,
installations and so on. The space that i had formerly or originally it was an office, i redesigned and renovated the space into a studio gallery.The concept of my space is to promote art as it is.
It have 5 rooms, 1 chillout smoking room. 1 big main exhibition room, two smaller rooms and a pantry.
Each room has different type of mood and ambience to it, There will be no discrimination of art and artworks,The art speaks for itself!

2. You did mention that is isn' to much a convetional gallery- tell us a bit more
Minut init galleria introduces a new concept or idea, different from the conventional gallery. A conventional gallery has a huge spacious environment.It has a formal setting and very spacious and officious And sometimes the number of the paintings and artist are quite few
It is a place where an empty space is prohibited. Means, all artist or art fethics can have theirs displayed. But minut init fully utilized every space in it,
The idea of this is ‘the wall Is the canvas itself. Minut init have 22 artists and 175 artwork in one small space.

3. How did the gallery/artspace start up? what's the origins story behind it?
I Studied Diploma in Visual Digital Art in Limkokwing.Then I further my studies in Melbourne, doing Bachelor of Fine arts in Deakin, Melb Australia.Ive stayed in Melbourne for 3 years, worked part time here and there and travel around Australia,Then I came back home to Malaysia for six month, But I didn’t manage to find a proper job that suited my line of studies and interest, so what happened was I chose to go to uk to worked and travelled for 2 years, Just to see the world,
Ive save up a some money and started this studio/galleria,
It has always been my ambition to own a gallery,

4. How do you determine the theme of exhibition?
This first Exhibition si called Minut init art exhibition,and Its an open theme, its up to the artist opinion, freedom of what to choose, Promote art as it is

5.What are your criteria in selcting artists?
Minut init invites any artist, This is the suprise part where minut init while aproach any artists who is interest to exhibit their works, Open to anybody who is really interested in exhibit their artworks and have the eye of art,
Bassically Minut init starts with as a stepping stone for new artist, and Minut Init will always changing ideas and keep evolving,

6. Would factors such as marketability, reputation be vital in your decision to pick artists?
I dont think it won't be vital, I think it will be the interest of the establish artist itself if they are willing to promote themself and show their artworks in this space i would love to have them, Minut init is still brand new and would like to grab any good oppurtanity. would you categorize/ describe your target audience?
If the theme is open topic and the target audience is anybody who saw the adverisement and interest to see what it is.

8.tell us abit more about the exhibition, your current ongoing exhibition
Theres 28 artist and 175 artworks, You can find out about the galery at, or the facebook Minut Init
The address is 29b Jalan ss21/37, Uptown Damansara Utama, Petaling jaya, Above Amour butik beside 7Eleven, Opposite Alliance Bank
List of the artist participate
  • ·         Justin lim
  • ·         Nizam Abdullah
  • ·         Jacquelin Katherine Gomez
  • ·         Mils Gan
  • ·         Dali Dali
  • ·         Arep Ariffs
  • ·         James Ly
  • ·         Bibo Aswan
  • ·         Rym Mohd
  • ·         James vijay
  • ·         Nadzim Booya
  • ·         Lan twiggy
  • ·         Kukubesi
  • ·         Nadia Mahfix
  • ·         Daniel Ideris
  • ·         Zam Nayan
  • ·         Azharr Rudin
  • ·         Vanessa 
  • ·         Azlan Zahari
  • ·         FaizalJoy
  • ·         Anis Almashoor
  • ·         Hassan Aljunid
  • ·         Maryam
  • ·         Gpik
  • ·         Sarah Abu Bakar
  • ·         Hafiz Hajeedar
  • ·         Ng Yo Han

9 future planned activities/shows? anything we can look forward to?
Future plan is to get this space evolving thru art, Minut init will open to any interesting idea,  Ideas like short film screening, Specific theme art exhibition, Fully looking forward towards idea to utilize this space
january there will be a forum from KUKUBESI. He is one of the artist who join Minut iNit exhibition, Kukubesi will do a kukubesi forum, check him out in Facebook kukubesi
Next art exhibition will held on february and the theme of this exhibiton is celebratioon of love