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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

APOV Group Exhibition

For those Down under!

A rare occasion was held at Captain Melville, Melbourne Victoria (formerly known as Miss Libertines) to experience an enigmatic journey; represented by a group of affiliated artists united by a common purpose.

A group art exhibition which explores the neurotic mediation and idiosyncratic perspectives of east asian and south east asian artists.

Gallery Opens on 22nd Monday 3pm-8pm
Launch Party is on 26 Friday 6pm -10pm feat. Dj Brad Every and Dj NBP

Embrace APOV. An 'Asian Point Of View' by Dali Dali, Drew Funk, Naradon Beer Pukason, James Ly, Nitsuj Nat, Huilee Trish Molly, Stanley Ooi Shahiman Said, Zam Nayan and Buluidong. Supported by Minut Init Studio.

Imagine - Dali Dali


Some of the Artworks

Naradon Beer Pukason

Stanley Ooi

Stanley Ooi

Nitsuj Nat